Mobile Mixing Units

ANFO mix units

As a well-known supplier and manufacturer of explosives equipment to the Australian and international mining industry, we are used to providing high-quality and reliable products, as this is an industry with no margin for error. We supply a mobile manufacturing unit (MMU) which can be engineered for customers with small or large operations. Our MMU is capable of augering ANFO and Heavy ANFO and pumping blended product in blast holes at surface mining operations. Not all mining operations are huge, and when the market demanded a cost effective solution for smaller operations, a mobile unit seemed an obvious choice.

When it comes to delivering explosives to an opencast surface mine, a mobile solution works best. What the industry needed was a way to take different explosive products directly to the bench in an active mine and to be able to prepare the explosives compound on site. The structure would be mounted on the rear chassis of a customised truck and therefore allow for full mobility. Contact us for more information on our reliable and durable equipment.

Our multiple mix units have the ability to manufacture ANFO and Heavy ANFO to auger or pump a blended product into blast holes. Bins are generally permanently fixed to the chassis. These units consist of an ammonium nitrate storage bin, emulsion storage tank, fuel oil tank, water tank, hose reel and optional product additions tanks.
The product is discharged using a side-mounted discharge auger, or pumped into a wet blast hole using a loading hose. Emulsion is generally added to the ANFO in the discharge auger. A helical rotor pump is used to transfer the product during the wet hole loading process.

Hose reels can be manufactured to suit the various discharge rates and hose diameters as required. These reels are usually driven using a reduction gearbox. These reels are driven using a reduction gearbox to give optimum control of the hose feed rate in the hole.
To achieve a waterproof product, at least 50% emulsion will need to be added. However, to obtain a product that can be reliably pumped, you will need to use waterproof heavy ANFO with between 60-70% emulsion. Heavy ANFO is pumped through a hose, with the hose retracting as loading proceeds.

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