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Ammonium nitrate plants and mobile manufacturing units

IEE Global is one of the world’s leading mining explosives equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

Situated along the east and west coast of Australia, our team of over 50 employees, combined with two custom-built, fully equipped workshops, and mobile personnel, ensure our mining products exceed the capabilities of that of our competitors, and meet all your requirements when it comes to explosives equipment.

Whether you are looking for customised blast trucks, a range of explosives trucks for your mine site requirements, or need an ammonium nitrate emulsion plant designed and built, we have the expertise, experience and highly qualified personnel to supply you with all these necessary services and products.

Our head office is based in Welshpool, WA, where we manufacture equipment for the global explosives and mining industry. Our extensive product range is manufactured exclusively in our custom-built workshop where we design, plan, engineer, fabricate and deliver custom solutions for our customers’ mining explosive needs.

Our products and equipment are competitively priced, with everything manufactured according to strict quality and design standards. We have been supplying the mining and other relevant industrial sectors since 1989 and continue to manufacture and supply some of the safest and most technically advanced mining explosives and  equipment in the world.

Mobile manufacturing units

We manufacture custom-designed mobile manufacturing units for smaller mining operations. These MMUs can pump or auger bulk emulsions and ammonium nitrate to produce explosives in blast holes at surface mining operations. These mobile units are specifically designed as a cost-effective solution for smaller operations.

Process plants

We supply mines that are situated in remote areas with harsh climates which utilise process plants, emulsion plants or blend plants. This is because these mines often require a huge effort and expense to get all the necessary explosive equipment and products to these sites. In these cases it makes both financial and safety sense to build process plants on site, in order to provide them with high quality and safe bulk emulsion.

Heavy ANFO units

Our heavy ANFO units are a blend of ANFO and emulsion which, when blended, will increase the bulk density of normal ANFO, making the mixture into a more versatile consistency.

These blends increase the density of ANFO, increasing the energy in the borehole at the same time, resulting in a cost-effective explosive solution and ultimately reducing your mining costs.

ANFO mix units

Ammonium nitrate is the main component in the explosive type most commonly used in the mining sector. Manufacturing ammonium nitrate fuel oil (ANFO) explosives is fairly easy and involves combining the correct percentages of reactive substances which, when combined, produce a highly effective explosive material.

The components of ANFO are generally mixed close to the operation site for safety reasons. The final product is safe and easy to handle and is used by augering into drill holes.

Control systems

IEE Global control systems are designed to monitor all aspects of the processing unit, tracking the loading of product rates, safety systems maintenance intervals, and the ability to totalise hole-loading with the ability to export data for improved control and efficiency.

By implementing strict control systems, we make sure all employees and site personnel are safe at all time. Because we work in an explosive industry, the implementation of effective safety systems and measures is paramount to our outstanding work record.

Safety systems

Working with explosive equipment and products, safety is always our main priority. By enforcing strict safety systems and following all safety rules and processes, we have managed to maintain a high level of safety. Through regular training and continued safety awareness programmes, we intend to fully maintain this impressive record.
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